About Us

ACRO Lights® is the lighting division of BMR Product Sales, a 42-year California based
company specializing in the automotive aftermarket.
ACRO Lights® was one of the first manufactures to offer a compact internal ballast HID
lamp in 2002. That same 6-inch HID lamp is still available today and has served as our
benchmark for quality throughout our entire line.

Over the years we have expanded our line and currently offer several models of HID, LED
and Halogen lighting products along with our new LED series PRO1. Models include stud-mounted
lights, hand held lights, magnetic lights and custom application lighting.
ACRO Lights® was also the first in the industries to offer a complete rebuild program for
our customers that have the misfortune of damaging a lamp. Rebuilding only cost a fraction
of replacing a lamp. This allows our customers to keep the product in service for many
years to come.
Some of our other lighting related products and supplies include our well-known
LensGuard® lens protective film and ControlArmor® upgrade wire harnesses & electrical
control housings. Both available through ACRO Lights® and BMR Product Sales.
ACRO Lights® offers design services for custom applications and can help you overcome
your toughest lighting and wiring demands.
We pride ourselves on quality products and service.

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