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You can now purchase select ACRO Lights, Pro 1 and LensGuard products
on Amazon. Select numbers will be available shipped direct from ACRO Lights
as well as from the only other authorized dealer, Tool City.
Please note not all models are available through Amazon as many are spec
built and only sold directly by ACRO Lights.
Any other listing found on Amazon is not authorized by ACRO Lights and is
likely counterfeit product.  Product purchased on Amazon from any other
seller other than ACRO Lights or Tool City carries no warranty


March 1 2016
Attention dealers and retail buyers.
The model X990 will be discontinued when current inventory is depleted.
Service parts and repair service will remain available until inventory is
depleted. The bulb and ballast will remain available as well, they are
common to several other models. Lenses and housing related parts
are what will become obsolete.
Battery packs can be rebuilt by sending them in to our repair center.
We will continue to offer this service for many years. 
The decision to remove this model from our line is based on the age
of the tooling and the move to LED based products. Due to the age,
the tooling has become un-serviceable and not practical to replace.
This model has been a part of the ACRO lineup for over 14 years and
many of the original units remain in service today.
It is superseded by our model A3100 in HID and model A3800 in LED



ACRO Lights Pro-1 series model P2235 has been updated.
The new version now offers over 25% more output in
the same configuration. With our improved LED and
driver this compact unit now offers 1600RLm
All units sold after December 22 will be the updated model.


ACRO Lights is now shipping our new portable light kit. This kit offers a
powerful 2200 effective lumen magnetic based LED with a 25 foot power cord.
The kit is shipped with both a battery clamp adaptor and an accessory
plug adaptor. All this is packed in a compact storage  case. An optional
plug-n-play remote control is available allowing you the ability to turn the
unit on and off, send an SOS signal or flash the unit in case of emergency.
Click on the LED tab for more detailed information.
You can also type the part number A3772-K in the search bar above



ACRO Lights has added a new high power LED bar to the lineup.
The new bar can be stacked end to end offering up to 46 inches overall.
Units start at 11 inches. The segments can be switched each, paired or
all at one time. Each section offers over 4000 effective lumen of light
and can be ordered in long range spot or wide driving beam.
The new unit will "be made to order" and will receive final assembly and
wiring  in our California location.  Contact us for ordering details.


Due to scheduling conflicts, ACRO Lights will not be attending the Sand
Sports Super Show this year. This will be the first time we have missed
the event in over 10 years.
We want to let all our customers know that we will offer our same show
special offered in previous years to anyone that mentions the event and
order product through the end of September 2015.   Simply call our main
sales office, mention SSSS-2015 to receive your quote and place your


ACRO Lights announces several new model LED lights for 2015.

Over the past few months we have completed work on several new
LED high output models. The new lineup includes round models ranging
from 4 to 9 inch as well as rectangular models.
Be sure to click on the LED tab to view full product details.



March 13, 2014

With the increased use of LED products ACRO Lights will be phasing
out its Halogen product line and replacing it with new LED models.
As this occurs we will post the replacement model number with the
halogen model and add the new LED model to our LED lineup.  Some
models have already been replaced and in the next few months, we
will finalize the process. We will continue to offer service parts for
halogen models as long as stock allows. 



March 3, 2014


In an attempt to insure our customers receive the best pricing,
we are posting the MSRP of all lighting products on our website.
Any dealer or website selling ACRO products above the MSRP
may be overcharging or substituting a non-ACRO product for
your order. Authorized dealers may offer discounts or promotions
below MSRP on specific models.
If you have any questions, please call our main office weekdays
from 9am to 5pm @ 562-320-ACRO(2276)


Feb 15, 2014

ACRO Lights is in the final stages of several new premium LED lights.
Our new LED search light, similar in design to our powerful A3100 HID, offering
3000 effective lumen with four output settings is one of the most powerful LED
handheld models on the market.
The new lineup also includes our all new design 5 inch, 7 inch and 9 inch round
models. The 5 inch model will offer 2800 effective lumen and the 7 and 9 inch
will offer 4000 effective lumen. The 5 inch is a perfect fit for tight areas
needing serious light. The 7 inch is ideal for replacement of most 6 to 7 inch
halogen or HID models and the 9 inch is well suited to replace most 8 to
9 inch halogen or HID  models.
The 5, 7 and 9 inch models are available in both spot and driving patterns.
Check our “new products” and “LED” tabs soon for full product details.


Sept 25, 2013

ACRO Lights recently announced our new series of LED products “PRO1 LED”
The new series was first shown at a recent trade expo and was very well
received. So much so that we sold out of our current stock and have
standing orders for product coming from our next two shipments already
in production.
This new series is affordably priced and is very durable.
For more information on the new series of bars, compact and equipment
LED products, please contact ACRO Lights directly at our main office
using the “contact us” page. 



Aug 17. 2013
ACRO Lights understands that not all applications require our current
commercial grade ACRO Lights HID or LED products. Some applications
involve extreme environments that can easily damage any light regardless
of brand, design or light source type. These environments may involve
physical or chemical damage that simply cannot be avoided.
For these applications, please see our value line of LED products under
the PRO1 series.
For commercial use in areas with a high risk of impact damage, please
see our new “Severe Duty” light enclosures listed under new products.
These are spec built units manufactured in our California location


August 10, 2013

Many of our customers have asked for an affordable line of LED products.
The market seems flooded with these products but the demand for LED is
growing and, as we have confirmed, not all import LED’s are the same.
Over the past year ACRO Lights / BMR Product Sale has worked closely
with a leading overseas manufacture of LED products that include light
bars, universal LED’s and equipment lights. After extensive testing and
the help of the manufacture to meet our needs, we have worked out a
durable but affordable line of products. Most models are assembled with
Cree chips ranging from 3 to 10 watt, stainless hardware and PC lenses. 
Where ever possible, minor repairs will be offered and the parts
necessary to perform these repairs are currently in stock. *In the case
of units with bonded lenses, repair may not be an option.

This new product will be sold under our value brand, Pro1 Lighting / Pro1 LED.
We will be adding a link to the Pro1 web site in the coming weeks.
This site is currently under construction but will be set up as an e-commerce
site when completed allowing you to purchase the new series on-line. 
As always, you can contact our sales staff directly Monday Through Friday
8:30 to 5:30 for support and to place orders.
Some models will be shown here on the ACRO site under
“New Products” / “Pro1 series” as well.



July 1, 2013

19 lives lost

The day started for me reading the tragic news of the firefighters that lost
their lives in the Arizona fire this Sunday.
The men of the Granite Mountain Hotshots were trapped in the fire when attempting
to protect the families and homes of a small town nearby. 
The thought of this hit me hard when reading the news and I am at a loss for words
to convey my feelings to their families and fellow firefighters.
We should all take a moment of silence to show our respect for them and what
firefighters everywhere do for us on a regular basis.

Bob Rinaldi / owner
ACRO Lights


December 10, 2012

Our web mail service has been repaired.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Remember, if you are ever unable to contact our sales or support staff by
e-mail, please contact us directly at 562-320-ACRO(2276)
We normally answer e-mails within 24 hours Monday through Friday


November 22, 2012

Over the past several weeks we have been made aware of an issue
with our web mail service. We are working with our service provider
to correct this issue as quickly as possible.
If you are unable to contact our sales or support staff by e-mail, or do
not receive a timely reply to an e-mail, please contact us directly by
phone at 562-320-ACRO(2276)
We try to answer e-mails within 24 hours Monday through Friday



August 15, 2012


We recently had a few customers call asking why we had discontinued
our 30 series HID.
This is not the case. This model is currently available and we have no
intention of discontinuing it. The 30 series includes the X930, A1830
and A1835 models. If you are being told a product is not available,
please confirm this by contacting our sales department directly. 
There are times when a component of a given assembly is on order
and we may have a delay in shipping that assembly but this in no way
means that item is discontinued.
Please understand that the number of parts used to assemble a given
light or kit can range from roughly 20 to almost 200. If any one of these
parts are out of stock, the assembly cannot be completed. 
To maintain our line we currently inventory over 1000 component part
numbers. There will be times when something is out of stock but we
do our best to keep all the items on hand.


January 1, 2012

ACRO Lights® announces the addition of our equipment mounting bracket
for the model A3100 hand-held HID search light. The mount is a streamline
design attaching to any flat surface. It comes with an optional strap to keep
the light from vibrating in rough terrain that can be attached for either right
or left handed users.
The mount is made of heavy gauge steel material and powder coated with
a low gloss black finish.
All hardware provided is either zink plated or stainless steel for durability.
As with all of our custom products, we manufactured this mount in California.
Contact us directly for more information. The images will be coming soon
to the web site under the accessories tab.


December 12, 2011

For 9 years ACRO Lights® has offered its line of protective film. We now
have more information available on this product at its new web site
The film will continue to be available direct from ACRO Lights® as well as
BMR Product Sales and select dealers. LensGuard® is a product of BMR
Product Sales.
Contact ACRO Lights® for more details or visit the LensGuard web site.



November 15, 2011

ACRO Lights® will be adding more wire harnesses and electrical service
parts from ControlArmor®, a division of BMR Product Sales. We will have
our full web site for the ControlArmor® line completed by end of March
2012 and will offer a full line of heavy duty electrical parts and harnesses
for accessory and custom application. Check back soon for info about the
web site and all the new products. The line will be available at ACRO Lights®,
 BMR Performance, ControlArmor® and select dealers. 



September 3, 2011

ACRO Lights® has moved the full production of the X990 and A3100
kits to its California location. The main light assembly, batteries and car
adapter will all be completely assembled in-house rather than using
sub-assemblies from our various parts manufactures. The A3100 battery
pack will continue to be assembled for us but we plan to have it moved to
the same location by the end of this year.
Our other HID and Halogen products have been assembled in this location
for several years but the hand-held models, due to the number of
components, have been assembled from sub-assemblies in the past to
save warehouse space. We feel it is better to bring this production to the
US and help keep the labor here in the states. After a year of research we
worked out making this move without any cost increase in the product.



August 17, 2011


Attention Toyota FJ Owners
If your running DeMello-OffRoad brand or similar front and rear bumpers on
your Toyota FJ, ACRO Lights now offers sealed wire harnesses for these applications.
Both the front and rear applications use sealed relays and sealed fuse holders.
They are assembled with US made wire in our California location. Currently
the available harnesses include; front bumper with ACRO off-road lamps in
the outer corners, front bumper with center mounted off-road lights and rear
bumper with ACRO off-road lamps in the outer corners. These kits are shipped
without switches to allow the end user to utilize the switch of there choice.
The kits are supplied with 10 feet of wire on the trigger side of the relay giving
the end user the option of dash or center console switch locations
Both front and rear harnesses install quickly and only need a few basic tools
to complete the job. The rear harness is designed to run through the interior
of the vehicle and can be installed in as little as 25 minutes.
Images and more information coming soon.
Contact ACRO Lights for part numbers and prices.


August 13, 2011

Did you know you can order our custom filter heads for the X990, A3100
and 70 series without glass?
Many customers are not aware of this and thought it was only available with
the 850nm glass. This is not the case. The head can be ordered as a kit
and you can install any filter glass you would like. The kit comes with the
base seal installed on the main head and the seal material needed to install
your own glass.
BMR Performance, the parent company of ACRO Lights® manufactures
this filter kit at our machine shop located near our main office. We only use
the highest quality material. The current models are now hard anodized
rather than being powder coated offering a more durable finish. These kits
ship with all stainless hardware. For support with this item, please contact
ACRO Lights® directly using our “contact us” page.




We often receive call regarding our product asking if the light found
on-line is the same as ours. In these situations the answer is normally
yes, but it may be a custom built unit we supply a specific buyer or
manufacture. If you’re a manufacture using aftermarket lighting
products on your applications, ACRO Lights® offers several options
for mounting and lens combinations for small or high volume
manufacturing needs. We can tailor a given product specifically for
your application and offer exclusive build features as well.
We currently supply several buyers with ACRO Lights® products
assembled to there specification.
We also offer 3D design and proto typing of parts.
If you need a complete package including wiring, mounting and
security, let us put a package together for you.
Contact our sales department for more details.

If you are not sure a  product you have found on-line is a genuine
ACRO Lights product, please fell free to contact our sales staff to
confirm the product before you purchase.



March 2011

ACRO Lights now offers custom and universal wire harnesses.
Just a few of the features include standard or watertight relays, sealed plug-in
switches and sealed fuses holders.
Customers can supply the dimensions & configuration and the harness can be
built to fit your needs.
ACRO Lights can also help you determine the best layout for your application.
Theses harnesses are made in the USA, assembled in our California location.
We use US manufactured parts when ever available.
For more information, click on “wire harnesses” under the “Accessories" tab
or contact ACRO Lights by phone or e-mail


January 5, 2011

Voltage loss;

Voltage loss is the number one problem we discuss with our
To better understand this problem, it may help to know some
of the common causes. Some of the most common areas are;
poor quality wire, inadequate size wire for the load, poor
quality connectors, a poor connection between the wire and
the connector terminal (dirty or bad crimp), under-rated
switches or relays, bad ground and water damage to any of
the above areas.
This situation is the same for both the ground and positive
side of your wiring.
If you encounter any problem when wiring your lights,
please contact our office so we can assist you in finding
a solution.


October 10, 2010

In answer to a common question;
We are often asked for “headlight upgrade kits” We do not offer
these kits for several reasons.
HID headlight conversions are not legal for use on most highways
and bulb conversions do not perform in a safe or efficient manner.
OEM Headlight lens/reflector assemblies are designed for a
specific light source (bulb) and it is not possible to achieve the
proper results by simply installing a converted HID bulb. The bulb
may create more light but the pattern will not be correct and in many
cases be extremely unsafe for on-coming traffic.
The HID bulb can also create more heat and has proven to cause
damage to the reflector in many cases.
Several halogen bulb manufacture’s offer improved bulbs that are
DOT compliant and produce much more light than a stock bulb.
The pattern will be correct and a quality bulb should not harm the
lens or reflector.


September 16, 2010


It was brought to our attention that a recent article in Dirt Sports Magazine
has the wrong part number listed.
The light pictured in this article is our model A1830 (driving pattern shown).
This is an all black 6 inch HID.
The part number listed in the ad, X930, is for the chrome version of the A1830.
The article also only listed 3 of the 4 patterns options.
The 30 series HID is offered in Spot, Modified, Driving and Flood.
We have notified the publishers of this magazine and apologize for any
inconvenience their errors may cause.


February 2010

ACRO Lights announces the addition of two new models in our LED lineup.

The new models include a compact round and rectangular 450 lumen universal
light shaped after our popular H1900 and H1950
These models are perfect for several applications including ATV’s,
Heavy Equipment, Biking, Area Lights or even Back-up Lights.
For more information on the new models, click on our "LED Products"
tab and look for models A3900 and A3950.


January 2010

Effective January first the X990 car adaptor will be assembled in the USA and
include a detachable cord for applications that need to be pre-wired for this
option such as fleet vehicles.
Click on the Accessories/Parts tab for more details.


September 2009

New product release
ACRO Lights announces its new LED equipment lights
We now offer heavy duty LED flood lights in round or oval.
Both models have cast aluminum housings, poly carbonate lens and
stainless steel mounting systems with the same anti-vibration core
used in many of our other heavy duty products.  
Click on the "LED Products" tab above for more details.



Do you own a '99 to '07 Ford F250/F350 Super Duty or Excursion?
Don’t want to add a light bar to the bumper, or bolt lights on the bumper?
ACRO Lights A1250 series is a complete heavy duty off-road light package that
bolts into the front bumper using existing holes found on most of these models.
These off road kits are available in both halogen and HID models and come with
direct-fit adjustable mounting brackets and full lens covers.
For more information click on the “New Products” tab


ACRO Lights, in conjunction with BMR Product Sales offers a full line of
Protective clear and amber film under the LensGuard brand.
Click on the "LensGuard" tab for full details and applications.


ACRO Lights products are intended for off-highway use only.
They are designed specifically for this use and will meet the needs
of this harsh environment. Our new LED products are also designed
to take the abuse of most high vibration applications but as with any
product, common sense should be used when applying any product
in these areas. Custom mounting options are available for most of
our items and if you are uncertain about your application, please
contact our office directly for technical support. 


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