HID Product

A1901 / X900

* 12 or 24VDC operation
* External ballast
* 35 watt D2S bulb
* Cast aluminum housing
* Stainless Steel hardware
* Water resistant design
* Hardened Borosilicate Glass Lens
* Durable painted finish
  w/ chrome bezel

* On all units, use only non-abrasive
  types of cleaners. Mild soap & water
  is adequate. Do not apply any cleaner
  to the housing when it is hot as it may
  discolor the finish.

* Recommended wire size for all hard
  -wired units is 14g per light.
* When run in pairs per control source,
  incorporate a 25amp relay or a minimum
  25amp rated switch per pair of lights.
* Always run a fuse in the main
  power feed.

Kit includes:
2 Lamp assemblies
2 Lens covers
2 Ballast
2 Universal power cords


This model is being replaced by our new LED lineup.
Service parts will remain available until current stock is depleted.
See models A3840 and P2235 under LED products for more details.

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