HID Product

A3100 HID search light

* Water resistant design
* Hardened Borosilicate Glass Lens
* Composite housing
* Low voltage corded option for
  12 or 24 volt DC operation
* Li-ion battery pack with up to
  90 minutes run time per charge
* Powerful 3200 lumen output
  35 watt D2S bulb
* Optional snap-on color filters
   or mounted IR filter available

* Clean housing with mild soap only.
* Do not submerge in water to rinse.
* Avoid strong household cleaners as
   it will discolor the housing. 
* Clean lens with common glass cleaner
  only after it has had time to cool.

* Recommended wire size for all hard
  -wired units is 14g.
* When running this unit using the corded
  option, do not attach to a permanent
  power source when not in service.
* The micro controller is designed for long
  term use but not intended to have power
  attached permanently.
* Always run a 15 amp fuse in the main
  power feed.

RL-11,  RL-11-B,  RL-11-12CC,  C-RL11-CHARGER

MSRP kit price $449.95

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A3100 with IR filter kit option installed.

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