Halogen Product

H1935 halogen off road light

* 100 watt bulb
* Cast Aluminum housing
* Durable painted Finish
* Hardened Borosilicate Glass Lens
* Full lens cover

Not for highway use

* On all units, use only non-abrasive
  types of cleaners. Do not apply
  any cleaner to the housing when
  it is hot as it may discolor the finish.

* Recommended wire size for all hard
  -wired units is 14g per light.
* Run in pairs per control source and
  incorporate a 25amp relay or a minimum
  25amp rated switch per pair of lights.
* Always run a fuse in the main
  power feed.

Kit includes:
1 lamp assembly
1 lens cover
1 Power cord
Note: H1935 sold each, no harness.
Universal harness with switch is available

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